Alice & Mummy have an all nighter!

One feed down for the night and nappy changed. Gotta love my iPhone in bed! Baby back to sleep and so must I…

And so my all night milk party continues; still rocking!

Having a blast on the dance floor. Alice is necking back the drinks.


She’s on the heavy duty cocktails this time! She’s lucky I’m here to hold her hand as she’s needed some assistance in the ladies a couple of times! Getting on for 5am and she’s collapsed into a catatonic state on my chest. Going to curl up in a booth for a while.


Michael Jackson’s Thriller is playing on the dance floor and Charli has woken screaming. She was on the hard stuff early in the evening (mixing lemonade and Pamol) after the doctor told her she had a virus and to keep her fluids up.


Alice stirring the mix again and Charli sounds like she may have had a visit from the tooth fairy!


And so the day begins with a nice warm one from Alice that requires a change of clothes! Phew, what an all nighter!

Whoopee the tooth fairy has been! I’m swinging from the rafters with happiness and Alice is cooing at the sunrise. Sophie and Charli are joining her on a morning seranade. Someone, please get me a double shot coffee!!!!

This was Alice before her all nighter, getting some party tips from her ‘medium’ sister, as Sophie calls herself!

IMG_0174 IMG_0175