Four week’s on…

… Alice has settled in beautifully. The past few day’s have seen an improvement in her ability to self-wind, which has meant a lot less walking around with her upright and propped up on our chests. She’s been feeding well and giving us big, hearty, appreciative burps in return.

She’s getting stronger and more alert by the day, but still not awake for very long between naps, feeds and nappy changes. We have seen our first couple of smiles, which the girls are naturally loving. So far she’s a very mellow personality, drifting off to sleep staring at the trees or being enchanted by lights and shadows from the warmth of our arms. She will even sleep through ten school children cooing over her and touching her teeny ears, hands and twinkle toes. I very much doubt her ability to sleep through anything will last for much longer; but there’s no harm in wishful thinking.

I feel physically great (apart from a foggy head at times!) and the post-birth yucky bits have all gone (still haven’t got round to writing up the birth story – but it’s a goodie). It feels so great to walk, sit and lie down without having to consider a large belly out front. I’m so lucky to have lost all the baby weight and am back into my size 10 jeans (albeit with a little Mummy roll!).

It’s fab to have so much choice in my wardrobe again; though I hardly have the time to ponder on outfits and accessories at the moment. My choices mostly revolve around what tops will provide for discreet breastfeeding and coverage of my Mummy tummy. And clothes are lucky to stay clean all day… just this morning I was completely drenched within an hour of getting dressed (and I was really digging my outfit). On Monday, whilst in the post office, I was busy multi-tasking – feeding Alice and writing a Birthday card – when she ever so sweetly brought up her entire feed over the both of us (I’m hoping her instinct to share continues to when she’s got a box of chocolates in hand). I had to line up to get my postage stamps, whilst literally wet to the skin. No one blinked an eye or said a thing.

Dan is being a super Dad, as always. He takes the girls into school and kindy every morning, before cycling into work (on fine weather days). He figured it was the only way he was going to fit in any exercise. He has a great choice of routes into the city, including some very scenic ones. There’s the option to take a flatter route, or one of the more challenging routes with steeper gradients to really get the legs and heart pumping. He’s just discovered he’ll be playing in the ‘old mens’ football league this season, so he’ll be in need of some fitness training to be prepared!

Charli and Sophie are adjusting brilliantly and with only two week’s till the end of term they are looking forward to more ‘Alice time’ over the Easter hols.

DSCF6524 DSCF6465

I am, of course, always on the look out for an opportunity to nap, but they are very elusive. And the first thought on waking each morning (or not waking, as is often the case, since I never fell asleep) is coffeeeeeeeee! Dan has been keeping me happy and sane with either making me a special latte or bringing me one back from the school/kindi run. The new Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli in Lyall Bay produces a real Havana hit (check out this rave review from the inspirational Domestic Scene blog).


So at four week’s we’re doing okay and I’m still smiling – in an insanely, over-tired kind of a way.

Wellington is a newborn parent’s heaven – there is a coffee shop on every corner selling primo, high quality caffeine kicks!

This week I’m thankful to Parade Cafe at Oriental Parade (great time on Monday morning with a couple of coffee drinking friends), Cafe L’Affare in the city for a chilled coffee with hubbie on Wednesday morning, Diamond Deli in Lyall Bay for a Havana take-away hit on Tuesday morning and Mint Cafe in Island Bay for a ‘Mojo‘ hit this morning 🙂