The best kind of time waster…

Alice 2 week's old

Alice, like all newborns, really is the best kind of time waster. Stuff the baby sleep books telling me to put my baby to bed in her cot – whilst I can hold her in my arms and watch her sleep, I will!

But how do I get anything done? Well, my Natures Sway sling gives me two hand’s free and I’m the master of multi-tasking with a baby in arms… as the photograph below, taken by my midwife, demonstrates (Sophie asked for my assistance in creating a musical shaker with an old toilet roll, paper and some coins she’d gathered together).

And I’m not the only person in the house that can’t resist keeping Alice close. Charli and Sophie are frequently asking to hold her and Dan even insisted on putting the hoover round with Alice in his arms today!

DSCF6349 DSCF6379

Alice really is such a chilled lass – but we aren’t even at 3 week’s old yet, so naturally she’s busy sleeping, eating and fattening up still. I had to take her for a newborn hearing screening on Friday morning (results were all good) and I’d been told that a ‘sleeping baby’ would be best for the test – well no problems on that front!

At night she’s beginning to settle earlier each night. Initially she wasn’t really ready to settle till around midnight and that’s slowly been getting earlier. For the past few night’s she’s slept for nearly four hour’s straight, from 10pm ish till 2am. Unfortunately, she then feeds every hour to two hour’s after that – and by the time I’ve winded her and changed a couple of nappies the morning has arrived. But I’m feeling surprisingly good on it – so long as I fuel up with a large latte each morning!

She’s been asleep on my lap for nearly an hour now (it’s not yet 10pm) so I really should ditch the computer and head to bed whilst I can – but it feels good to have a little ‘adult’ time with Dan (we’re watching ‘The Great British Curry Trail’, with Ravinder Bhogal, which Dan’s down-loaded).

Okay, blog post finito, curry trail finished (I’m going to be dreaming of curry – if I actually get any ‘dream time’) and it’s time to take my little time waster to bed 🙂