Browns Bay is where we’re hanging for the week :)


So, this is where we’re hiding out for a week. We spent Sunday morning exploring our locality and finding out that it’s home to a high populace of British and South African folk. Browns Bay is one of Auckland’s East Coast Bays suburbs.

First observations…

Everyone here seems to own a dog and Sunday morning seems to be a great time to be on the beach… if you are a dog or a dog lover (Sophie readily approached owners asking, ‘May I pat your dog please?’, whereas Charlotte preferred to watch from a grassy distance).

The playground is great and the locals friendly.

Cafes are easy to find and the coffee is good (but so far not as good as Wellington – ha, ha, such coffee snobs are we!).

Lovely selection of shops and a thumb’s up to the weekly car-boot sale (the girls came away with some bargains). Particularly like Bramptins – a grocery store selling only British imported wares (we are well stocked up on Frazzles and Minstrels). LOVE that there is a jewellers selling beautiful Pandora jewellery and that hubbie bought me a gorgeous ring for our 11th Wedding Anniversary 🙂 xxxx