Three month’s sweet :)

Alice, oh Alice, you have us all hook, line and sinker. Still holding on to your baby blues and happily tagging along wherever your big sisters need to be. We adore watching you explore and grab at life around you to smother in your love. Such a beautiful age of coos, giggles, smiles and twinkling eyes. Life is so simple for you and for us too. So happy you are 🙂

Baby blues at 3 months: Alice

This week you’ve enjoyed being on pool side whilst your sister Sophie learns to swim on her back and float like a star fish. You’re not quite up to putting your big toe in the public pool yet, but you LOVE bath time with your sisters. You get so excited at the sound of the bath water running, kicking and splashing with delight. We’re going to have a hard job holding on to you when you are let loose in the pool!

Alice sleeping on pool side… and awake on pool side, whilst sister Sophie does a starfish impression:

Alice 12 weeks & Sophie swimmimg on back 4 quarter