The SHAPE of Death: Lyrical Sunday

Shape of Death by Sarah Lee, © 2011

Shape of Death by Sarah Lee, © 2011

My daughter Charlotte challenged me to use ‘shapes’ as inspiration for Lyrical Sunday this week.

I’m linking up here (where she’s written a fun Haiku). If you’d like to join in too then please do!

My poem is also a Haiku and I’ve met the challenge of using ‘shapes’ to inspire me, but my poem is written with sad thoughts of the past weeks environmental disaster on the coast of the beautiful Bay of Plenty, here in New Zealand.

container ship ran aground on the reef of Tauranga on October 5 and began spewing thousands of litres of oil into the ocean.

Want to help with the response efforts in Tauranga?

Call the following toll-free numbers to find out the latest info about oil on beaches, wildlife and volunteering.

Oil sightings – 0800 645 774
Oiled wildlife – 0800 333 771
To volunteer – 0800 645 774

And follow the WWF team’s updates on FacebookTwitter

You can also donate to WWF, to help fund their work to assist the oiled wildlife response centre and longer-term restoration of the region.


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