A dribbling, bubble blowing fanfare

Stand back! Cover up! Alice’s latest party trick is producing a big dribbling, bubble blowing fanfare, complete with chuckles. And she’s rather good at doing the turtle too…

Alice 4 months with Sophie

She loves to giggle over our shoulders and is very ticklish. She loves it when we kiss her chubby cheeks, nuzzle her ear and blow raspberries on her tummy.

Alice 4 month giggles

She can nearly sit by herself for a wee while, before heading down to her toes.

Sit up Alice

And her sisters love to dress her up and bow down to ‘Queen’ Alice!

DSCF7455 IMG_0767 IMG_0769

Whenever Alice is laid down she takes the opportunity to workout those tummy muscles. It looks tiring!


She would love to sample our food and it’s getting hard to eat in front of her – she reaches out to try and intercept every spoonful heading to our mouths and we have to be careful she doesn’t grab our plates and send them hurtling to the floor. She’s on purely breast milk at the moment and we’re trying to hold out till six month’s when we’ll then be letting her go for it!

And as for sleep – well Mummy isn’t expecting wonders, so no pressure there Alice!

Alice, my love, you just enjoy cuddling up in bed with Mummy and try not to feed too excessively during the night and Mumma will be happy. After you’ve got through your first year or so of teething, starting solids and managing all sorts of developmental milestones Mumma will start to expect a little more of you on the zzzzz’s front 🙂 x

We love you, Alice, happy bubba! It won’t be long before you’re squishing that banana between your fingers 🙂