Chocolate Fish

On Wednesday we finally visited the ‘new’ Chocolate Fish cafe at Shelly Bay. It had all the charm of the old one at Scorching Bay, with the painted chairs, artwork adorning the walls, friendly staff and a little something extra for the children… pedal cars and, as always, chocolate fish with the drinks and food (even their bacon butties came with one!). And dog lovers were also catered for with water bowls and free dog biscuits.

The outlook over Shelly Bay to the city was beautiful and the girls had lots of fun in the pedal cars and taking copious photographs of the wooden chairs! We’ve tried to visit the cafe before, but it’s been on sunny weekend days when it was just too busy for our liking. This time round, the cafe was quiet and the coffee was just the kick I needed (whilst the girls tucked into hot chocolates).


We’d spent the morning at Scorching Bay, on a deserted beach, with the girls building a volcano…


And after our lunch we checked out ‘Westside Studios‘ where the girls were quite amazed at some of the props used in films…