Super Saturday & ‘Toy Story 3’ Review!

Sophie and Dan headed out to watch Toy Story 3 at the fabulous Empire Cinema in Island Bay on Saturday morning. Sophie was super excited to be meeting up with her best buddy, Alicia, to watch the movie. It was a special Dad and daughter morning, kicking off with ice-cream at 9.45 am!


We are so fortunate in Wellington to have so many cinemas (click here for all Wellington region cinemas). Not only does the city have its fair share of cinemas, but three of the city suburbs also do – Brooklyn (Penthouse) – Island Bay (Empire) – Petone (Lighthouse). Miramar will soon have its own cinema too – and has its own Facebook fan page: ‘We love our restored cinema: from Capitol Court to THE MIRAMAR‘.

Like many of Wellington’s cinemas ‘The Empire’ cinema oozes character and is super family friendly, with a lovely cafe that serves the best fluffies for the children and gelato ice-cream. The cinema seats are big and comfy. Visitors are permitted to take in coffee (in china cups), wine (in a glass) & ice-cream; but there’s no pop-corn. Over the school holidays it is Toy Story theme time with a wonderful play area and visits from Fairy Trina.

Dan and Sophie LOVED this film (view the trailer here)! I can’t wait to see it myself – but would have to take Alice along. Sophie couldn’t get her words out fast enough as she retold the story to me. I so wished I’d put the camera on record right there and then, as her movie review was top notch! In the end I asked her to do a re-run, which wasn’t quite the same, but nevertheless here it is from the view of a 4 and a half year old… (whilst eating chocolate pretzels!):

Dan said that all the adults were crying at the end (happy tears) and he thought it was a ‘must see’ also.

Meanwhile, Charlotte, Alice and I enjoyed a very peaceful morning at home doing arts & crafts (Charlotte made a beautiful wind chime), blogging (yours truly), painting and writing Birthday thank you cards (Charlotte) and playing the piano (yours truly) and then there was some floor play with Alice too 🙂


After a fish n chip lunch Charlotte got ready for a friend’s Birthday party, whilst Sophie, Alice, Dan and I headed off to the soccer pitch to watch Dan’s team lose (he wasn’t playing – that’s why – of course!). We then had a fabulous half hour at Lyall Bay watching the most gorgeous pink sunset and amazing surf. Sophie belted up and down the parade on her bicycle (wearing a ‘Buzz Light Year’ head torch she’d wangled into the food shop at the super-market). Alice conked out for a nano nap (she’s good at those).

We finished off the evening with home-made pizza and stories. Charlotte had a fabulous time at her friend’s Birthday party – where they decorated their own pillow cases using fabric pens (neat idea!). She has done hers for her teacher (awww), who is sadly moving to Christchurch early next term 🙁

All quiet at a little after 9pm (well Charlotte’s light still on – she’s so loving her Roald Dahl books and it’s the holidays so there’s no reason to nag her about switching off – yah!).