What a perfect age our Little Miss Alice is at. She is happy to sit where placed and play with some well chosen, safe toys within her grasp. She observes family life with a keen twinkle in her eye and the occasional chuckle. She cannot yet move, but occasionally lurches from sitting onto her tummy and rocks about in circles, moving inches in slow, determined frustration to get to something out of reach.

She bounces with glee in her jolly jumper. In her high-chair she kicks her legs with excited anticipation of food.

And, she has started waving and saying, ‘Mama!’ ADORABLE! She also loves to grab us around the neck, pull us close and give us big kisses like a puppy dog (with the teeth too!). She is sooooo ticklish – especially her tummy and under her arms. She has the best chuckle.

We haven’t really been diligent in capturing all these special moments on video, but here’s a short clip of her saying, ‘Mama!’ – well we like to think that’s what she’s saying 😉 x