Water Play With “Ma Ma”

I am beginning to enjoy the delights of water play and try to say, ‘Good’ whenever I see that magical liquid. I like to drink it, splash in it and have even blown a few bubbles in the bath.

I’m a babbling brook on the verbal front and can clearly say ‘Ma, Ma’ and ‘Da, Da’ (warming the cockles of their hearts). I have a delightful giggle (so I am told!). I have very ticklish armpits and big sis knows my weak spots, uh oh! Here I am in the garden having a splash and also having a swing and a chuckle with my ‘Da, Da’…

Last Saturday, on turning 8 month’s old, I took my first swim class. Big sis and Da, Da came along to cheer me on. It was brilliant fun. My favourite part was when we sang, ‘If you’re happy and you know it blow some bubbles…’.

I’m beginning to move a little bit more on my bottom and a couple of times I have caught Ma Ma off guard, by shifting from the spot she last deposited me!

I’ve been enjoying story time at the library with big sis and playing out an about. I’ve yet to learn that sand is not something you eat, but it is incredibly interesting stuff!