Vlog Bake with Sophie

She’s the girl with the wooden spoon, forever thumbing the recipe books for something new to stir up. The biggest obstacle to her cooking success is a kitchen sized for an adult. She drags a chair around the kitchen floor from cooker to cupboard, from fridge to microwave, from the sink to the pantry. What she lacks in height she makes up for with enthusiasm and wisdom beyond her years. Roald Dahl‘s Matilda character is perhaps a close match.

Dough tastic with Sophie!

On Saturday, whilst Daddy played soccer, Sophie took over the kitchen to make fairy cakes and iced biscuits. Alice and I were given our orders to film the proceedings. Charlotte was happy to stay clear, except for a brief interlude from researching animals on the Internet to make some jelly (the black rings round her eyes aren’t anything to be concerned about – merely left over face paint from an impromptu Harry Potter dramatization earlier in the day!).

Charlotte making jelly

Sophie is fast becoming ‘Head Chef’ and when she starts chanting, ‘A good chef is a tidy chef,’ the chef’s hat is all hers! Here is her first video blog bake (Vlog)…

And here she is demonstrating her multi-tasking skills (what a love x); decorating fairy cakes whilst waiting for her iced biscuit dough to firm in the fridge:

Decorating fairy cakes

Finally, here’s Alice taking mental notes, whilst eyeing up the 100’s & 1000’s…

Alice 6 months

Sophie has entered the Persil Kiwi Kids Have a Go in the Kitchen – click here to VOTE FOR SOPHIE! THANK YOU X

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