Loving, Not Loving: Yo-Yo Weather

The weather, like my mind, is unpredictable at the moment. It is Spring after all. Some days we run barefoot in the waves, remembering what summer feels like and getting excited at its approach (LOVE). And I think of the daily collection of sand we’ll bring home in clothes and shoes (NOT LOVING). The need to be organised with extra clothes, towels, hats, sunscreen and insect repellent for impromptu visits to the beach on the way home from school or the super-market (NOT LOVING).

Dipping toes early spring

Other days the rain falls heavy and weighs down my mind, though the buds on the blueberry bush by the front door make me smile. And as I carry a load of washing up the stairs I gaze out of the large ceiling to floor window on the landing at the silver birch tree. Each bud is alive with a drop of rain, delicately balanced and reflecting the glimmer of sunlight that pierces through the clouds. New life is everywhere and rainbows dance across the living room as the sun lights up crystals hanging in the window. They make my eyes well up with their beauty. LOVE.

Rain on blueberry blossom

I smile at the surprise of a Kowhai tree in bloom and feel like a little girl marveling at the wonder of nature in all its intricacy and detail. The bright, bold yellow of the delicate bells stir my mind from the grey shroud that has befallen it. LOVE.

Kowhai in bloom

My dear girls are doing their best to be good for their Mummy and I feel at ease when they play in harmony (LOVE). Baby Alice is a charm of contentedness. The weather is of constant intrigue to her sharp, fresh senses. The feel of the rain upon her skin brings a smile of surprise. The wind brings the trees to life as they wave at her and she flaps her arms in return. The bright glare of the sun is too much for her delicate eyes, so she quickly averts her gaze.

Oriental Parade with Alice

She laughs in delight at her sisters and rainy, tuck-up indoor days are cause for extra cuddles.

Alice & Charlotte

She is so quick to chuckle at everything. The whole world entertains her. I smile at her laughs and envy the way every cell in her body vibrates with happiness at the smallest of things (LOVE).

Sophie and Alice

Summer will bring with it so many firsts for Alice – green grass under foot, the beach, the scent of flowers made to smell… not to eat, much like the sand that will find it’s way in her mouth with gritty sureness (UGH!).

Alice first time on beach

But the yo-yo weather of Spring still holds plenty of surprises and I adore the way children delight in nature, whatever it may bring… giant puddles that just beg to be waded through…

Charlotte wading through a giant puddle at Island Bay

And giant slides that thrill and excite the whole family, Daddy included! LOVE.

Giant slide Island Bay

And eventually the yo-yo days of Spring will give way to Summer and longer days of bluer skies. The clouds that shadow my mind from time to time shall soon be pushed to one side. For now I wait for the medicine to kick in. My head feels fuzzy and unclear, but in my heart I know all will soon be right. I shall soon be running for joy, not running away.

Cloudy skies

And I am forever grateful for the love that binds my family through the seasons, whatever they may bring.

Sophie, Alice & Charlotte

And my amazing hubbie who cares with all his heart and shows his love through his every move. He is our rock (and he’s also very good with a Yo-Yo!) x

Dan and Alice