My heart is like a barometer

Wellington you have me wrapped around your little finger. My heart is a pressure valve, fluctuating in feeling like a barometer. I used to tolerate your moods a little better, when I had the freedom to escape at pleasure. Now I am trapped, with my young charges. They have a hold on my time. I have few spare dollars with which to grab and run, even if I could. And then, if I did, guilt would dampen the fun.

To be fair, you’ve treated us kindly this year. Autumn broke all the records and I began to almost wonder if my sheepskin boots would get a turn, for my jandals stayed on my tootsies unseasonably long. But of course, I knew, deep down that winter was waiting in the wings. Officially it began on 1 June, but still the sunshine lingered on. The ski resorts started to talk of a delayed season and in the old days I would have been dancing for snow.

This winter I am here, in your hold. I have no escape, so please treat me kindly. I understand that you have to throw your weight around from time to time. Latitude 41 and hilly landscapes have issues, I know. I’ve been living here since 1997 – has it really been that long?! I never dreamed, when I first landed on these shores, that your grasp would hold me so tightly. You have me now, like Maui and his magic fishhook.

I can take a little buffering around the edges, but give me some sunshine and calm in between the rough. There’s only so much reading, painting and baking I can do with my little charges indoors. We build camps, turn the lounge into an obstacle course, where tables are pirate ships and sofas are islands, but it’s so much easier to be outdoors doing this…

Sophie riding her new bike at Oriental Parade

This morning’s reprieve was just what I needed. Thank you.

I love you Wellington when you throw us some sunshine in the pit of winter. Tonight the wind chimes in my garden are again constant in their song. They try to add a harmonious melody to the darkness of the wind whistling around the house.

Don’t leave me rugged up too long, but keep the colour in my cheeks between the storms x

Sunshine between the storms

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