Wardrobe Wednesday: First day of Spring

The first day of Spring was glorious and I spent the whole day far away from the house & the chores. The morning was spent walking up and down the beach with Alice sleeping for most of it.

Island Bay beah

I was browsing blogs on my phone, whilst taking photographs of the beautiful waves and decided to join fellow Kiwi Mummy Bloggers in ‘Wardrobe Wednesday‘.

I had the beach all to myself, so a bit of self-portraiture was involved. I tried to get a photograph of my shoes with a wave nearly touching them – but ended up ankle deep in water when I mis-calculated the waves and a larger one sneaked up and caught me out! Ha! That will teach me for trying to be arty and creative.

Anyway, here I am, very au natural, bare-faced and casual looking.

Recently Updated58

If I’d taken one of me yesterday and compared you’d think I was suffering from split-personality disorder. Yesterday I donned heels, favourite jeans, a beloved belt from Country Road and a gorgeous Lakeland suede jacket that my dear Mum bought me in the Lake District last time I was in England. The occasion was ‘Yum Char’ lunch with hubbie in town (accompanied by my excited daughter Sophie and baby Alice – yes, I was brave wearing a suede jacket – especially when you see what a messy eater she is!).

Today I braved going out with only a smidgen of mascara and terribly unkempt hair – but there was no one to care and it felt great. My old tattered trousers from Kathmandu dragged along in the wet sand, having seen many a beach on many a land in the years and years I’ve been wearing them. My comfy Ecco shoes have also seen many adventures and were nearly kicked off as my feet were tempted to feel the sand and paddle in the cool sea – but the sight of a few too many sand-flies made me think better of it. I was glad of my dusty pink jumper from Just Jeans, covering my arms from the pesky flies and warming me from the slight chill in the virgin spring air.

The sun was just the tonic I needed after the deluge of rain over the past few days. I’ve been filling a little out of sorts and was very grateful to the Universe for throwing down a cracker of a day.

Island Bay

I loved watching the fisherman coming and a going…


This delightful couple of Oystercatchers looking for food…

Oyster catchers

And watching the waves crashing on the shore…

Waves rolling in Island Bay beach

After picking Sophie up from Kindergarten at midday we headed to Lyall Bay beach, where we spent the rest of the afternoon till Charlotte finished school. It was so good to remember the days of summer past and look forward to the coming summer. There were more than a few happy faces at the beach today.