4 Seasons: Riding the first wave of summer

Officially the first day of summer in New Zealand is 1 December. This past week summer has come early. Normally we have a fair bit of unsettled spring weather all the way up to Christmas, but not this year.

Lyall Bay and harbour entrance, Wellington

Calm, sunny skies have made for some primo beach visits. For the first time ever Charlotte & Sophie plucked up the courage to try boogie boarding!

Alice checking out the surf

We have spent years getting them water confident (still got to be close at hand for potential wipe-outs!). They were SO excited to catch their first waves! It was so much fun to watch them (after many summers with one child being too scared to even step foot on the sand for fear of a big wave swallowing them up).

We’re looking forward to a low whinge summer on the beach, with the girls toughening up (and Alice so far the bravest of the lot for her age). Kissing goodbye to, ‘Ow! The salt stings my legs’ and ‘I need pee pees! I need poos!’ (they are big enough and clever enough to take themselves now) and, ‘I want an ice-lolly now!’ – they’ve learned patience and thankfully Alice is too young to speak and hasn’t learned to stamp her foot… yet (next summer will be a different story!).

So yah! Surf’s up dudes! Here’s a very short video of the gals in action…

We spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning at the beach. I walked down on Sunday morning, after Alice’s nap, to meet up with the rest of the whanau. What a glorious view…

Lyall Bay

We made a pit stop at Wild Style Surf and Coffee Shop (I tried to persuade Dan to go at surfing, but failed… another time!) and had a lovely quiet lunch and game of Connect-4.

Cafe stop for lunch and a game

It’s a lovely little cafe and the rates for hiring surf gear are really good. And, importantly, the coffee from Peoples Republic, hits the spot 🙂

Wild Style Surf

In the afternoon Dan put the big girls to work varnishing his patio furniture.

C & S hard at work varnishing

He lovingly sanded down the tables and benches in preparation for mucho eating and merriment over the festive season (just hoping for glorious sunshine for Sophie’s 5th Birthday party on 18th December!).


It’s so wonderful to play out in the garden till late. The garden is looking so lush (but will take a lot of watering to keep it that way!).

Charlotte varnishing the patio furniture

Tis the season to be merry and we are loving dancing in the sunshine (and sending warm thoughts to our loved ones in the northern hemisphere x).

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