4 Seasons: Summer Solstice a Washout

Today it is the Summer Solstice in New Zealand, but it felt far from summer this morning. Rain pelted down and winds funneled through the valleys making walking a challenge. Second day of the school holidays and not the best way to start, but the garden is grateful and so too are the birds.

Sweet pea flower in the rain on Summer Solstice

We popped into our local town at midday to stock up on DVD’s, paint, clay and other wet-weather activities. I also got talked into buying them a $2 can of silly string each (which they later exploded in the garage… and Sophie ended up in tears because Charlotte mixed Sophie’s pink string with her purple… oh dear).

On the way back I pulled in at a playground for a giggle and said, ‘Come on, let’s go and run in the rain!’.

Head into the wind Summer Solstice a Washout

They were all great sports, with Sophie even braving a water filled spinner. But after about five minutes, with our clothes wet to the skin, we quit splashing around and packed ourselves back home.

Crazy Sophie braves the water Mummy & Alice

The coast road looked bleak, but it wasn’t actually cold – just very wet! And summer wasn’t entirely forgotten, as the Pohutukawas looked on with their rosy proudness and quenched their thirst.

Bleak but not cold Pohutukawa

At home we made do, but by mid-afternoon were all a bit fed up. I got tired of chasing around after Miss 4, who was leaving a trail of mess faster than I could clean-up. Thankfully Miss 7 was happy to help with the regular chores (and cleaning up the trail of popcorn, cushion stuffing, sparkly confetti, wood cuttings, melted ice-cream…). Miss 4 did finally pull her weight, with some amazing motivation from Miss 7 and Little Miss Alice followed us all around quite happily.

By late afternoon the sun finally broke through the grey canopy of cloud, which had corked us tightly in since Sunday morning. What a relief! I haven’t dared look at the forecast for tomorrow but I am hoping the Summer Solstice brings a turn about in the weather. It is a total lunar eclipse this evening too (so perhaps I can blame our slightly irate mood swings this ‘avo on that!).

And here’s a pretty sign of summer in the garden – sweet peas! I planted them outside my kitchen window from seed and have been watching their progress every day. It’s such a delight to see each bud open and a surprise to see what colour each flower is.

Sweet peas in the garden


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