Alice at 10 months: Party Planner in the Making

Alice is revving up for her big sister’s party!

Revving up to party!

There are balloons bouncing of the walls, streamers and bunting hanging across the ceiling, a liberal dusting of flour a frequent sight on the kitchen floor and the furniture has all been moved to create lots of space. It’s party time!


Alice, at 10 months today, is gearing up to experience her first party at home. She’s tasting the paper chains, getting her tootsies sticky with Sellotape, experimenting with paint and trying to master heading the balloons.

These feet are made for dancing

She’s hot on the piano and working hard on the percussion for ‘Happy, Happy Birthday’. The drum sticks have been beating out a steady rhythm on the saucepan, colander and wok lid.

She has her dance moves perfected for some serious grooving to musical bumps.
Check out her no hands action…

Alice at 10 months and look no hands!

She has also sussed ‘clapping’ this week. It was one early morning, along with the dawn chorus, that she lay in bed gazing at her hands. She brought them together perfectly, with just the right level of momentum, to produce a sound. And she’s been clapping along to ‘If you’re happy, and you know it, clap your hands,’ ever since.

Party on Alice! And Mama’s no longer teetotal; having managed a quarter of a glass of beer (without going blotchy), so if Mama’s milk has some added flavoring you know why 😉 Mmm, those hops were goooood!

Alice high on life

It’s time for Mama to celebrate and finally enjoy a glass of bubbles. Ten months of co-sleeping, breastfeeding, not a single night out or trip to the hairdressers (sans children) has left Mama a little wanting. Watch out 2011, Mama’s making a come back and Alice will soon be walking! x

And these girls are in training as party planners…

Party planners of the future