After three and a half years, we are more than ready to…

Welcome Banner for Chinese Grandma & Granddad

Welcome Chinese Grandma & Granddad, who arrive Saturday afternoon from the UK!

It’s been three and a half years since we last saw them. Chinese Granddad has never been to New Zealand. Grandma was over in 2005 for Sophie’s arrival into the world. And they have never met Alice. How exciting!

The girls are very, very much looking forward to meeting their Grandparents (Sophie was only 18 months and Charlotte just turned four when they last saw them, so don’t remember too much and they’ve not been able to Skype them – so only had ‘old fashioned’ communication).

They set to work making a welcome banner, which they painted on an old cot sheet (with Alice overseeing operations!).

Alice the Art Director

Sophie loves an excuse to get her hands covered in paint…

Painted hand prints

Charlotte took care of calligraphy, whilst Alice made sure Sophie washed her hands between colours.

Alice and water

And when Alice started to blow bubbles in the bubbles, and ended up covered in paint, it was time to take the little art director for a play in the bath, whilst the artists were left to work in peace.


And whilst Alice took an afternoon nap I cleaned up this… (the girls also busied themselves making a huge welcome banner for the lounge).

The other welcome banner - art take over in the laundry room

And set about making sure Grandma & Granddad had a comfortable room to sleep in (this room was floor to ceiling in toys and dress-up clothes last week).

Grandma & Granddads room

It will be a real tear jerker in the arrivals lounge at the airport! And it’s going to be a fun five weeks with Grandma and Granddad getting to know their three cheeky granddaughters…

Cheeky granddaughters Jan 2011

We will be sure to schedule in some ‘breathing space’ for Grandma and Granddad, do our best to keep the children under control and make sure they have plenty of coffee breaks…

Time for a coffee?