Lyrical Sunday – Week 3: Flowers

Fragrant Embrace

by Sarah

Sweet peas through my window climb,

Descended from the vines of time.

Growing wild, in the mountains of Sicily,

Reaching out, with tendrils, so sisterly.

Sweet peas through my kitchen window

I watch the green shoots, stretch out and grow, a

Vision of my sister and her love doth flow.

Climbing those hills, where sweet peas wind,

Their fragrant embrace around two hearts entwined.

Sweet peas in my garden, face to face, heart to heart

I wish those two hearts could come here and stay,

Linger, a while, in my garden, and play.

Those self-pollinating flowers amaze,

Every day there are new colours to gaze.

Sweet peas from the garden

I look at those petals with a passion,

Knowing I am a little old fashioned.

I think of them, hand in hand, carefully

Climbing over Sicilian land.

7 sweet peas

One day our paths will meet, like a sweet embrace,

Just like those tendrils bring petals face to face.

My sister, her love – the climber, and my

Family of five.

Sarah Lee, © 2011

This poem was written with my sister and her boyfriend in mind. I haven’t seen them for three and a half years. I don’t know when we’ll meet again. But they have recently been climbing in the mountains of Sicily. When I looked up the origin of sweet peas, for my poem this week, it was with happy coincidence that I discovered them to have originated from Sicily. So whilst I gazed at the beautiful petals, climbing on the tendrils out of my kitchen window, my thoughts were far away in Sicily with my sister and her love.

Another coincidence, which I didn’t realise till after I’d written the poem and put the photograph of the painting up with it, is I painted 7 flowers, one for each of us x


Charlotte's Lilly Photograph

Out the window I gazed,

And saw a yellow lilly.

It caught me by surprise.

Yellow sprouts of pollen,

Zoomed into the air, like

A fantail, fluttering in the clouds.

The golden leaves curled

Around and around,

Like a merry-go-round.

Then at the end it dried,

Like an Autumn leaf, fading,

Into thin air.

Sweet pea photo by Sophie

Every flower is so beautiful, that you

Would like to smell it, and touch it,

To pick it, and place it in a vase.

To sketch it and paint it,

I just wish the flowers could

Grow inside, really fast.

The sweet peas smell so nice,

That we like to make hand sanitizer from them.

The End


Plant a little bulb


‘Chicken’ Grandma

Plant a little bulb in the ground
It will grow with out a sound
Shoots grow up and roots grow down
Sun and rain will do the rest
A flower will bloom and look its best !


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