Our baby turtle & a shark sighting

It was a surreal day at Lyall Bay. The fog rolling in banked up on the horizon and engulfed the hills around the bay. News of a shark sighting only hours before added to the erie feeling. A fin had been spotted for a few seconds. The beach was closed for swimming, as a precaution, but after no more sightings in an hour it was reopened.

Lyall Bay with erie fog rolling in

Still, I couldn’t help scanning the calm waters for a rogue shark’s fin as Charlotte and Sophie boogie boarded in the gentle surf and Alice crawled around like a baby turtle.

Crawling in the sea like a baby turtle: Alice 10 months

Dan cycled home from work early, so he could meet us at the beach. I took the chance to take a few pics of Alice’s ‘no fear’ attitude to the sea. The photos aren’t the best – taken with my phone – but at least I have them to show her on her 21st! Sophie is in the background scanning the water for a perfect wave.

Alice 10 months old in the surf at Lyall Bay

And Sophie catches a wave…

Sophie catching a wave in the background

It won’t be long before Alice is walking into the surf, not crawling! With her first Birthday just six week’s away we’re hedging our bets as to whether she’ll take her first steps whilst Chinese Grandma and Granddad are here. She’s so close!

Alice will soon be walking, not crawling into the surf!

Our water babes…