Expressions from the beach

It’s been a few days of children’s Birthday parties, fun at the beach and the zoo. Sunday evening, before dinner, was the best of all… just us at the beach (I’m trying to stay focused on the magic and not the extra washing we brought home with us and sand in every crevice of the car!).

Looks like we’ll be having to invest in decent wet-suits and junior surf-boards soon…


Charlotte and Sophie are keenly loving the surf…


Alice was a little more wary today (probably just as well!), but more than happy to get mucky in the sand and kick a ball around…


Leaving me to pick up the sandy towels and clothes, commune with the seagulls and point to yet another airplane and say, ‘Ooooo, plane Alice! Plane! Whoosh! High in the sky!’.

Me and Alice

Whilst Daddy enjoys some special time with his family on a sunny weekend in Welly (and takes all these amazing photographs – all credit to Mr Dan, the man!) x