Theme for Week 3 of Lyrical Sunday (9 Jan 2011)

This week’s theme is ‘Flowers’.

Lyrical Sunday

It’s summer in New Zealand, so we are surrounded by beautiful blooms, but if you’re tucked up in the Northern Hemisphere please feel free to indulge and take your mind on a trip to warmer seasons.

Sunflower Pohutukawa Rose

I have included some links to flower themed poems by famous poets. I read many of them in total awe and found the experience akin to savouring a rich chocolate or sampling a new wine. I took my time devouring each word and let the verse awaken my senses, like a new taste, tingling on my taste buds.

Charlotte and I have come up with a few prompts, but please feel free to go with whatever you feel inspired to write. Remember, we’re doing this for fun and to exercise our creative side (and for me to enjoy a break from the chores, parenting and nappy brain!). This was Charlotte’s idea and she says, ‘You don’t have to be a poet, just go with flow and let your imagination fly!’. I have started reading Stephen Fry’s book, ‘The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within‘ to help me on my road of lyrical discovery.

Here’s some ideas (in no particular order);

1. Roses
2. Pohutukawa
3. Sunflowers
4. Renga Renga Lillies
5. Sweet Peas
6. Flowers and Children
7. Flowers and Love
8. Flowers and Grief

Charlotte and the roses Flowers lit at night in Botanical Gardens Sophie and Pohutukawa blooms

This isn’t about lyrical brilliance, but more about channeling our thoughts in a new and creative direction.┬áPost your creative thoughts on your blog and, if you like, add a photo, drawing, or, if you’re feeling musically inclined, add some music to your lyrics and record them!

Link up from Sunday 9 January 2011 and read our poems too. The linky will remain open for one week.

We look forward to freeing our creative side and being inspired by your thoughts too!