Seasons: Shhhh! It’s Autumn!

Officially we are in the season of Autumn in New Zealand. But it rarely feels like Autumn until the clocks change at the beginning of April. We have noticed the evenings creeping in, but we still have plenty of daylight hours to play after school. Earlier nightfall makes for fractionally earlier bedtimes and a chance to enjoy the occasional sunset at the beach with the girls whilst the weather’s still warm enough.

Caught this gorgeous Kahukura, Red Admiral butterfly, on a sunflower in the garden…


The few deciduous trees in our garden have yet to acknowledge the change in season; but it won’t be long before the tinge of yellow touches the green leaves, along with the departure of the sunlight hours to our families in the Northern Hemisphere.

For a traditional Autumnal feel the South Island is the place to be . Wanaka celebrates with a Festival of Colour and Hokitika holds the ‘Wildfood Festival’.

One little girl in our family feels the change in the season, shifting to one-nap a day most days and crashing over dinner as a result…

Alice napping in her high chair