Theme for Week 11 of Lyrical Sunday: Colours

The theme for Week 11 of Lyrical Sunday is ‘COLOURS‘. Either choose one colour or many.

Lyrical Sunday

Sophie and Charlotte came up with the theme and have already written their poems, which they would like me to share with you in this post.

Here’s some links that may help inspire…

A Hint of Poetry: ‘The Use of Colors in Poetry’ by Joy Cagil ‘Color Poems, Color Meanings, Color Me Happy’

Famous Poets & Poems: ‘Is White a Color?’ – Poem by John Matthew

Please link up with your poems on Sunday 20th March.



Poem & photographs by Sophie (Age 5)

When I look out the window,

I see flags the colour of the rainbow,

In front of my play house.

Alice and her little blue slide

Colour flags

Blue is my favourite colour,

I like it when it’s dark and light,

But not when it’s in the middle.

Blue chair up close

I see it everywhere, the sky and the sea,

and my sister’s little blue slide.

Little blue slide

Blue flowers



By Charlotte (Age 7)

Blue like a deep dark sea,

Red like a blooming rose.

Orange like a fire on a candle one night,

Yellow like the bright hot sun.

Green like the soft green grass,

Pink like the petals of a flower.