Carlucciland Playdate

Mix a sunny Saturday morning with a play-date at Carlucciland mini-golf and smiles are mostly guaranteed (sore losers not tolerated).

Great for mini-golf, great for maths (hand over the score cards to the little’uns and *trust* they’ve done an accurate job when you discover you’ve lost again!).

Hand over the iPhones to the children (carefully supervising they don’t come to harm in a crocodile’s mouth or a dragon’s lair) and see what wonders they will produce…

And make sure toddlers are well supervised – Alice fancied a dip in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall and tried to throw herself down a few ramps, along with a couple of balls.

We always have a fabulous time and to share the fun with friends made it all the better. We’ll be back again soon!