Good Friday


There have been sunsets of significance,
in my life, many times before.
But on this Good Friday, it was more.

As a child I’d grimaced,
at His gruesome death.
I still can’t understand the cruelty,
that people can inflict.

The hot cross buns, that tasted yum,
did not sit well, in my tum.
I knew that Jesus died for us,
and his bravery, on that fateful day,
made certain we could never forget.

He was a man so good and brave,
who came to show us a better way.
So sad not all could see his vision,
that they killed in fear & ignorance.

The sun that set this bitter-sweet day,
was like so many before and yet,
I feel He would be proud,
of the many good people abound.

He did not die in vain,
like thousands of brave souls,
that have also made their way.

Perhaps I should enjoy my bun,
And let it sit well in my tum.


And on this Good Friday my 5 and 7 year old asked, ‘What’s so ‘good’ about the day Jesus died?’
(My 1 year old was more interested in how much better there was on her hot cross buns x)

I asked my friends for their answers and they were very helpful…

Although it was a very ‘bad’ day for Jesus, he went to the cross because he wanted to, knowing it would be a very ‘good’ day for the rest of the world. What he did for us means that we can be part of God’s family.

‘Good’ was originally used to mean ‘Holy’, not the opposite of bad. It’s all part of how language evolves e.g. ‘wicked’ is now often used as something that’s fun or good.