The Gallery – My Backyard

It’s overgrown and wet; my backyard.

I look at the grass in despair – much like I look at the smeared, dirty windows.

‘I’ll get round to it…’ I am forever saying, but there’s always something else.

Dan summed up my existence perfectly, ‘It’s like you have two tornados in the house – whilst you clean up after one, the other is busy making a fresh path of destruction.’


And whilst I’m busy chasing tornadoes I also have three little people to keep at peace.

The backyard is feeling very neglected, much like me and my love life!

I placed this pair of bears in the overgrown grass and remembered the day they arrived in my life… way back in 1998. Dan had proposed and we were on a high of romantic bliss. My dear Mum sent the bears as a congratulatory gift.

My backyard

The bears are still strong, joined together with no sign of tiring of one another’s company. They don’t seem at all bothered by the state of the backyard. They smile with ease in the overgrown chaos.

Of course they have no young cubs to disturb their merry love or little voices to perpetually interrupt their every word. They can roll in the grass and watch the sunset. They can sip wine under starlit skies.

Sigh! I remember those days…

And I am very thankful for these two little bears as they remind me that love is always there – only it sometimes gets buried under all the clutter and needs to be given a little breathing space and some tender care. Dan and I are missing one another and feeling swamped under the growing tangle of limbs and noise of our little birds cheeps. It’s our 12th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday. We really could do with clearing out our backyard and mowing the lawn. But I reckon we’d be better off ditching the mower, getting a friend to mind the children, and picking up a set of cutlery and a fine wine over a meal – just for two.

Thank you little bears for reminding me of so many good times. Life’s a little chaotic right now, but our time to roll in the grass together will come again.

Winter is fast approaching here in New Zealand and the grass is heavy with rain. With hope and sleep (from our youngest little chick!) we might get to see a little more time to roll in freshly cut grass come spring time!


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