The Photo Gallery – Green

Our spring garden bathed in green and lots of rain!

It’s early October in Wellington. The weather is typically varied. Last week threw us a hint of summer days to come, this week we’ve barely stepped out the door.

I don’t mind a little rain and, naturally, the garden LOVES a good ‘ole hose down from the heavens. I’m sure the Irish and Welsh rugby teams, in town for the RWC 2011, are feeling right at home. The Aussies and South Africans will be hating it (as will the tourists).

I’m just hoping the weather clears up a little for the weekend games and enough to take the children for a run on the beach. My older girls are in week one of their two week school holidays, before the final term of the year commences.

We’re three day’s into the holiday and so far so good, but if we don’t get a spell of blue sky in the next two days I’ll start despairing. In the meantime, the colour that faces me as I look out of my windows is green. Lots and lots of green. It looks ever so pretty against a backdrop of blue sky too – but that was last week.

Punga fern frond in my garden


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