Full Moon & a mid-winter dip!

Glorious weather, from the warmest Autumn on record, has rolled into Winter (though we’re warned to make the most of the sunshine whilst it lasts!).

My daughters didn’t hold back when the sun came out in warm splendour yesterday. They had such fun frolicking in the surf at Lyall Bay, skipping seaweed and throwing a frisbee around. I sent a few photos into TV3 News for their weather segment and one of the pics appeared this evening!

Charlotte, Sophie & Alice on TV3News!

Unfortunately Charlotte was called ‘Chrissy’ – oops! Watch the weather video here!

Here’s the rest of the pics I took.

It was a stunning ‘avo and the full moon is INCREDIBLE! It’s been so light in the evenings – probably why our Alice has been playing up at night wanting to dance with the moon fairies! Thankfully, I got more sleep last night – but the night before was very, very dire. Looks like her eye-teeth are finally cutting through. Just the second set of molars to go and then we’re all done with teething.

Gone 9pm here and Sophie & Charlotte are still twittering away – gotta love their energy (or despair!) xx

Happy Full Moon! Whooooo oooooo!

Full Moon June 2011