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I love coffee and reusing the cup for sandcastle building…

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I love winter days that don’t feel like winter, when my crazy children run up and down a deserted beach wearing only their underwear! I love that they are totally uninhibited and live in such a safe, free environment. I love that their joy is contagious and made a group of older folk, rugged up in coats, sitting on a bench, admiring the view, laugh at the energy and crazy wonder of childhood.

A winters day at Scorching Bay

I love Wellington Central Library, where for only three dollars I can be stocked up on music, story CD’s and DVD’s to keep my children entertained when the rain does set in – or for impromptu car trips around the bays to help their baby sister off to sleep with her snuffly nose.

I love the unique character of my children and adore their individuals passions. Sophie is looking forward to her third horse riding lesson this Saturday. Charlotte is passionate about dancing, drama, singing, art and learning the guitar. Alice – well – at nearly 16 months she is heavily into ‘spatial awareness’ – climbing is high on her list of loves – as is crawling into small spaces.

Natural learning

I love the creativity that is taking over the house. Charlotte has come home with so many art ideas from school and has been taking notes from an art book at school too. She is making good use of my stash of paints (just wish I could find a little more time to have a go too!). I love the theme Charlotte’s set for this week’s ‘Lyrical Sunday’ – ‘Art’. I thank ‘Chicken’ Grandma for contributing and I love Latte Junkie for always joining in too (And I’ve actually met her in real life!). If you’re reading this and wondering what it’s all about – visit here. You don’t have to write poetry to link up – just join in with a poem you’ve read and enjoyed – or a song that fits the theme.

Charlotte's art

I love Sophie’s enthusiasm for learning too. She is non-stop reading, writing in her journal, doing workbooks, baking, creating, playing with Alice, building with blocks and lego, doing puzzles, tinkling on the piano, dancing freely to music, riding her bike around the house, doing maths games on-line… so happy to be at home and I am loving having her at home too (as is Alice).

I love the mild autumn we were blessed with that has rolled painlessly into winter. I love the buckets of rose petals drying in my kitchen after the girls collecting hundreds of them from the Botanical Gardens this week. The roses are due to be pruned back on 19 June, so it was a rare chance to pluck the petals without feeling naughty!

Collecting rose petals in the Botanical Gardens


Linking up with Paisley Jade and hope you’ve found things to love this week x


“I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for… no matter how simple it is.”