Diamante Wind to Calm

Diamante Wind to Calm

It’s been a blustering, wild week of weather in Wellington. After a relatively mild autumn and winter, with plenty of sunshine days, it was an extreme shock to the system to be faced with a week of a snow, sleet, hail, thunder, lightening, torrential rain and howling gales. At first it was exciting, but as the week has drawn to a close, and the snow turned to rain we’re looking forward to the predicted calm after the storm.

And a lovely diamante poem from Granddad, who is coming to New Zealand with Grandma at Christmas! We can’t WAIT!

Safe, Warm
Comforting, Restful, Thoughtful
Dreams, Thoughts, Ideas, Plans
Tasking, Challenging, Rewarding,
Adventure, Fulfilment

The theme for week 28 of ‘Lyrical Sunday’ is ‘Diamantes‘.  If you feel like writing a Diamante poem then please link up here from Sunday 21 August (the link up will be open all week).

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