Lyrical Sunday | Play

Inside the mind of my two year old…

‘Play with me! Play with me! –

And with my magic wand, I’ll turn you into… a tree!’

‘Help me save the baby lion cub –

you can be in my animal rescue club!’

‘Let’s dance, play tag, catch the ball –

climb up there – careful Mummy, don’t fall!’


‘Can I make a magic potion? Put green colour in the bath?’

‘Paint my face, please, like a cat –

now let’s roll the play-dough flat.’

‘Play with me! Play with me!’


‘Can we bake? Pleeeeeease? Flour we’ll need –

I can stir the egg in, and help you knead.’


‘Come on, let’s play hide-and-seek –

You count, I’ll hide, do not peek!’


‘Swing up high, now down low,

faster, faster, round we go!’


‘It’s so sunny, let’s run in the sea and dig in the sand –

come on, let’s look for treasure on foreign land.’


‘Play with me! Play with me!”

‘I can help you wash the dishes –

clean the kitchen, cut the grass –

I will hang the washing too –

dust the table, polish the glass.

I like to help – it can be fun – especially when we play my way!’


‘Play with me! Play with me!

It’s how I live – I play all day –

Just let me show you and I’ll make your day!’

© Sarah Lee, 2012



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