Loving a touch of spring and off with the locks!

Last week snow, this week sunshine and flowers. What a change in the weather!

♥ All of a sudden it’s light till 6pm and with the clocks rolling forward in a few weeks time we are feeling the joy of spring. We’ve had a few lovely days this week. Weather for swinging open windows, flinging open the doors and letting the fresh air whisk through the house and blow away the winter cobwebs.

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♥ After a trip to the garden centre this week, we planted out a little instant colour. And as the temperature rose, so did my urge to let go of my long locks and feel the air on my neck. I’ve had long hair for most of my life. The occasional times I’ve gone short (well shoulder length, or maybe a long bob) I’ve quickly let my hair grow long again. Last week my hair was snaking down my back, tickling my shoulder blades. This week it’s swinging around my chin, just under my ears, thanks to a moment of impromptu craziness which found me in the bathroom, a pair of scissors in hand, doing the very thing I tell my daughters not to do, ‘Don’t play with scissors’!

♥ The short hair feels very liberating, but it’s taking some getting used to and it’s definitely a little TOO short! Thankfully a hairdresser was available the very same day to do an emergency tidy up on my choppy cutting attempt!

My husband walked through the door and said, ‘We have a new Mummy! A new model! Very kinky, you look like someone out of a movie… mmm, not sure which…’

‘Amelie?’ I said, pouting my lips, giving him a wink and playing on a French theme.

Charlotte, my 8 year old, walked through the door and stopped mid-sentence, ‘Hi Mum…….!’ with her jaw dropping to the ground. Speechless. She has recovered and is now thrilled at having the longest hair in the house.

Sophie, my 5 year old, tells me I’ve copied her style and that she wears it short much better than me. She is looking forward to it growing long again, because she says, ‘You look weird Mummy!’.

My 18 month old, Alice, keeps looking at me, with a cheeky smile, saying, ‘Mama, cut, cut!’ – I think she’s trying not to laugh.

So, goodbye locks (for a while… I’m sure they’ll grow back soon!) and hello sunshine!

♥ Also loving this week my oldest daughters continued happiness at her new school. It really is amazing to see the difference. She never used to come home telling us about her day and was always in an ‘off’ mood. Now she bounds home, full of energy and enthusiasm and full of talk of what’s happening at her school. She got two merit award certificates this week for choir and for settling in so fast.

♥ She is also delighted at getting Honours in her recent dance exam! She was 2 points of Honours with Distinction, getting a total score of 88 out of 100.

♥ And Charlotte LOVED plenty of spring sunshine on the slopes of Mt Ruapehu with her Dad earlier in the week! With her school closed on Monday and Tuesday, my hubbie took her up the mountain for some snow action. They had an awesome time together and Dan even managed a few good runs from top to bottom, whilst Charlotte happily played on the lower slopes with her new ski pals!

♥ Loving Sophie’s drawings of herself riding her bike (she rode over 10km on Sunday!) and of a dragon…
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♥ Loving Dan having a team building session at the Maranui Surf Club and meeting him for a brief ‘hallo’ on Lyall Bay beach! Gorgeous surf this week (not that I’ve ever done it – just admire watching the surfers!).

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Not loving having a stinking cold and Alice waking up every night for an hour or so like it’s the middle of the day!

Hope you’ve had a great week and a good weekend.

Linking up with Paisley Jade who says,

‘I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for… no matter how simple it is.’