Taking baby dolls for a walk…

Nearly 18 months old and Alice adores teddy bears and dolls. Bears, dolls and boxes are her favourite toys.

With Charlotte it was a train fascination at this age – we collected trains and track, read ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ and took bags of trains out with us wherever we went (though there was one very special bear that came with us on our adventures – her beloved ‘Baldy Bear’).

Sophie was happy doing whatever Charlotte was doing and at eighteen months often joined Charlotte in painting, playing with play dough, lego play and building. She also showed a keen interest in wheels – riding a three wheel trike at great speed at 13 months and climbing ladders at 15 months. She was always, and continues to be, very physically active.

Alice shows a great nurturing and loving nature.

Alice 17 months

She has been surrounded by love from birth and her older sisters have always been wonderful with her. She’s grown up hearing music played and sang to her, as well as dancing with her sisters.

Today I took the opportunity to grab my camera and capture a little of Alice in action, pushing her dolls round and round the house on a little walk. New words are coming thick and fast and she’s a huge joy.


And another little collection of clips from the last month or so (especially for the Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles x):