Theme for Week 27 Lyrical Sunday: Poems starting with ‘B’

This week we’re thinking of things starting with the letter ‘B’ for Week 27 of Lyrical Sunday.

The theme was originally going to be ‘Beauty’ and here in our little ‘bubble’ of life in New Zealand there is much of beauty to write about this week, but my heart is aching with sadness for the UK and the mindless rioting and destruction. The words;

  • barbaric,
  • bad,
  • bullish,
  • brutal…

all come to mind in a blizzard of bruising bullet points.

Please write from your heart whatever comes to mind. Charlotte has written a poem inspired by the beautiful, bumble bee.

We’ve found a huge list of poems starting with the letter ‘B’ here.

There are ‘Acrostic Name Poems‘ starting with B.

And ‘alliteration poems’ with the letter B – see here for an example.

The link-up will be open on Sunday 14 August. Stay safe x