Happy Anniversary to a very special ‘ole couple!

I phoned my folks to wish them a very Happy 41st Wedding Anniversary this morning. They really are an inspiration! They gave so much to my sister and I in our ‘growing years’ and it’s delightful to see them now enjoy their ‘couple’ time once again in their ‘senior years’ (ahem, sorry folks!). I listened in delight to their voices and news. We are SO looking forward to seeing them over Christmas and New Year!

Sophie wrote a lovely card to them, in her best hand-writing, which (naughty me) I only sent today! So… ‘Happy Wedding Anniversary’ to you folks from us all!

Anniversary card

As I head off to sleep here in New Zealand they will be waking up on the morning of their anniversary. I shall think of them in my dreams and hope they have a very wonderful day celebrating.

I have many fond memories of celebrating with them as a child, since their wedding anniversary always fell in the long, British school holidays (and with my Mum being a teacher, that’s when we would have to take our family holiday). We often went away camping, often with my Mum’s sister and her family. My Auntie and Uncle also celebrate their wedding anniversary in August. My cousins, sister and I would ‘try’ (ahem!) to make breakfast for them and gather anniversary ‘wild’ flowers.

Ah… those precious memories. What a gorgeous couple hey! xx

Mum and Dad's Wedding Day x