Sunday snippets & a bus with a big heart

On Sunday we took a jaunt into Wellington town, where Sophie and Charlotte took their Daddy skipping along the waterfront.

Sophie & Charlotte, taking their Daddy for a skip!

Alice took a nap, warm and snug in her buggy.

Alice enjoying a nap in her buggy

Whilst we stopped for coffee and cake (and Sophie gleefully devoured a chocolate fish with her fluffy!).

Sophie devouring a chocolate fish

And whilst Dan took Sophie to expel some of that sugar and energy on the climbing wall at Fergs, Charlotte, Alice and I came across this beautiful bus, with a big heart, by Frank Kitts Playground…

The Chocolate Bus!

She Chocolat Bus

Which served the most AMAZING hot chocolate I have ever tasted.

Delicious hot chocolate on the bus cafe

This is a bus with quite a special story and played a wonderful part in uplifting the spirits of children after the February earthquake in Christchurch. It’s currently in Wellington and if you get the opportunity then stop a while, have a hot chocolate and be inspired!

History/Vision of the Bus
The vision for She’s Chocolate Bus is to create an evolutionary and inspirational vehicle to uplift the spirits and encourage the evolution of humanity, inviting a new potential for living together on the planet.

The bus is one of only three remaining of its genre in the world and has lead a very exciting life thus far. It has featured in a number of British movies as its former role was that of a training bus and film extra. It was imported to New Zealand in the mid 1990s by the Wallace bros from Wanaka.

The bus later went to the North Island where it was lovingly restored by a talented boat builder from New Plymouth called Joe Goodin. He converted the onboard seating into a 1950s style diner to host wine tours in the region. ‘She’ was purchased by She Chocolat in June 2010 and arrived in Christchurch a few days after the September earthquake and has played her part in the upliftment of the city.
She Chocolat have added an onboard chocolate counter with commercial grade facilities and three video monitors for viewing evolutionary documentaries, movies and You Tube clips.

And now ‘She’ is in Wellington, bringing her light and inspiration to all who jump onboard……….

This really is a bus with a big heart that is very special indeed!

Our visit coincided with the annual festival of ‘Diwali’, which is a fabulous Indian Festival celebrated by Wellington’s warm Indian community every year.

I headed back home with Alice for a rest, after a quick slide and swing at the playground…

Charlotte with Alice on a little see saw

Whilst Dan took the girls to enjoy the festivities and he treated them to some ‘bling’!

Diwhali bling!

Later in the afternoon, after Alice’s rest, we reunited with Dan and Alice’s big sisters at our local beach to enjoy the blue sky.

It was a relaxed Sunday evening, with our neighbours being very welcoming to Charlotte and Sophie – who were keen for a jam session on our neighbour’s drum kit and keyboard!

We got off to bed, feeling ready and organised for the start of Term 4.

Only eight weeks till the end of the school year. Only ten weeks till Christmas!!