Tension & Elation

Charlotte, Sophie and Alice weren’t awake to watch the RWC 2011 Final, between the All Blacks and France, on Sunday. They watched the replay the next day – without the tension! We celebrated with a large pavlova, fresh cream, strawberries and kiwi fruit for morning tea.

Dan watched the live game on TV with a friend, I was at home. I didn’t need to be watching the television screen when the final whistle blew to know the result. Cheers of elation came from around the neighbourhood as people stepped out of their homes to celebrate with great relief. The sound of fireworks followed shortly after.

The film below, from Jared Brandon Productions captures the tension and final elation.

Our World Champion All Blacks! from Jared Brandon Productions on Vimeo.

UPDATE: For those of you wanting a bit more, pop on over to my Facebook page for some bonus footage just after the full time whistle was blown!


From Jared Brandon:

I don’t think Hollywood could have written a script better than this!

We went to the game at the Auckland Fanzone with no idea how intense it would be. The last 10 minutes of the game was so insane to watch. We obviously had our eye on the crowd and their reactions and it was such a buzz to be able to capture it on camera.

A massive thanks to the team who helped me film it! Tam, Dave, Ruth, Isaac. You guys rock. It was a blast to film it all together. Life is always better with a camera in your hand and a friend by your side, no matter what your doing!

We shot this piece with Canon DSLR’s and the 24, 35, and 50 L primes. And a big thanks to Steph Killip and Felix Wu for letting us borrow extra monopods too!

Music: Divenire, by Ludovico Einaudi.
You can download his song here:http://itunes.apple.com/nz/album/divenire/id394635925?i=394635960

The All Blacks paraded through the streets of Auckland on Monday, Christchurch on Tuesday and Wellington on Wednesday. I wasn’t there to see them, but friends were and said the atmosphere was amazing. They said the All Blacks looked understandably tired, but of course put on a good show for the crowd. Here’s the celebratory Haka on the steps of Parliament, from the NZ Green Party: