Counting down to the RWC 2011 Final!

Go All Blacks

With minutes to go till the RWC 2011 Final I’ve been reflecting on the impact of the rugby on our household.

Today we wrote our support in the sand, willing the All Blacks to succeed in tonight’s final game. Tonight I sit quietly, watching. Sophie lies on a camp bed in the lounge. Alice is asleep, Charlotte is asleep (had an allergic reaction to something, a rough night last night and steroids and antihistamines today). Dan is round at a neighbour’s house with a flagon of beer.

Since the RWC 2011 kicked off on 9 September I’ve been quietly watching the results of the games roll. I’ve not felt the energy to stay up at night and watch many games. I’ve seen a couple of the rare afternoon games. I willed on England. I’ve also cheered on Wales, Ireland and Scotland. I’ve enjoyed the atmosphere in Wellington over the RWC tournament. I’ve given thought to what a rugby widow is to do in Wellington, whilst admitting that it’s been great seeing the city awash with supporter flags from all the competing teams. On match days in Wellington we’ve laughed, as a family, at the wigs, the costumes, the capes, the face-paint and the merriment. We’ve rolled around on the temporary all weather pitch that transformed Civic Square into a play-zone for young and old and had a go at scoring a ‘Try’ at Capital E.

Dan’s sat up and watched just about every game. The girls have caught a few matches and watched some action replays. They watched the opening ceremony with fascination. They’ve gone to bed saying, ‘I hope England wins tonight’ and woken up asking for the results. They’ve waved flags out of the car window and chanted, ‘Go All Blacks!’ so much that even 20 month old Alice cheers along. Alice also kicks off an impromptu ‘Haka’ whenever the fancy takes her.

Tonight it’s the final and our hearts are strongly with New Zealand and the All Blacks. New Zealand needs a win. It’s been a tough year with the Christchurch earthquakes, the tragedy of the mining disaster on the West Coast, and the recent oil pollution off the Bay of Plenty from a stranded container ship. Many people have found it hard to pay for the basics. A win tonight will certainly kick off a feeling of positivity as we roll into 2012 and hope for a brighter year.

Go All Blacks

So do your best All Blacks, that’s all we ask. You’ve already done well to make it to the final and for that we’re proud. But tonight, for many New Zealanders, it’s a whole lot more than just a game. The results of tonight’s game will have a profound effect on the actions of many.

Here’s hoping for the icing on the cake (from Chocolate Fish!) to favour the Kiwis x

All Blacks cupcake from Chocolate Fish cafe Wellington

We love you New Zealand!

Day of the RWC 2011 Final