The Photo Gallery: Eyes

Sophie's eyes like a butterfly at TK Family Day in Martinborough

As my Godmother recently commented on another photograph of my dear Miss 6, ‘What ARE you going to do with her?!’.

Quite right. Answers on a postcard please…

Her eyes speak mischief and glint with a wild streak. She thinks she knows best and would love to live by her own set of rules, on the outside of society. She’s happiest on her home turf, where she feels in control. She’ll talk to anyone, tell them her life story – but for all her bravado and apparent confidence, she’s actually quite timid underneath.

‘A chatterbox’ folks say – and so she describes herself, but her heart is tender and needs a soft blanket of love. She likes to make connections and build up strong relationships before really opening up. She’s full of energy, loves nature and living life to the full, but independent she’s not – not yet at least. Just as well really as I suspect my husband and I will be having many sleepless nights when she is fully independent! For now, though she sometimes drives me crazy with her want of home and not going to formal school – but choosing home education, at least she’s within our fold and not yet trekking the wilds.

I suspect this butterfly will fly far and wide… one day, when she’s ready – in her own good time. Best my husband and I cherish this time, for all too soon we’ll be waiting… and waiting… for the next phone call home. Oh, those eyes!


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