Sunshine Monday at The Chocolate Fish

Sophie, Alice and I spent four hours today hanging out at the ‘Chocolate Fish‘, in Shelly Bay, Wellington, with a lovely unschooler friend and her two amazing children. The children all enjoyed each other’s company so much, that my friend and I enjoyed a lovely chat. I even found a moment to do a quick sketch of my view from a comfy bean-bag looking out across the harbour.

The view from my bean-bag at The Chocolate Fish this 'avo

The older children rehearsed and put on various plays – with Sophie learning a few story snippets from Shakespeare classics – which she reenacted, along with her older friend’s guidance and the support of her friend’s younger brother.

They also made a treasure map, or story board, each – which they then took it in turns to walk through and enact.

Sophie's drawing from the Chocolate Fish cafe

Alice finally succumbed to a nap at 2pm, giving me an hour and a half of ‘quiet-time’. Before her nap she fought off tiredness with incredible determination and stamina – momentarily looking like she’d conk out – and then getting a second wind and climbing aboard the ‘Interislander’ model pretending she was a pirate!

I was definitely ready for some ‘down time’ chilling on a bean bag by mid-afternoon – and could not have wished for better company.

My thoughts also drifted to Charlotte – in her first full week back at school for term 2. She started the day with swimming first thing. She looked so sweet, with her hair in a french-plait and her sports gear on ready for an active start to Monday.┬áDan picked her up from school and she enjoyed the afternoon at his office – she likes to get her home-work done on a Monday (singing along – bringing smiles do Dan’s co-workers in the office!).

Sophie and Alice enjoyed a little snuggle in bed time together this morning (needed for Alice, after her 3 hour’s awake from 2pm!). So cute! There was no rush for us to get out the door.


Whilst I did the breakfast round, Sophie did some of her Y3 Science ‘Star Right’ workbook – which she really enjoys and is a great reading and comprehension exercise, as well as teaching some great ‘science’ facts (with a NZ and world focus too). This morning she was doing a unit about trees.


And after some great reading and learning she enjoyed a lego building play session with Alice.

Sophie's bridge

Alice makes up so many stories with a variety of things. I love hearing her chatter away in her own make believe world.


Tonight the girls were all fast asleep before 9pm and I’m just going to enjoy a read before getting some kip myself (hopefully less interrupted than last night!).