Week in the life | Saturday

Breath… it’s the weekend!

Toe people

We aren’t *yet* – [it may happen one day] a family committed to multiple sporting events on a Saturday morning. We love our time together on a Saturday morning. Late breakfast, late to get dressed, letting play unfold as the chores get ticked off in between.

There was no running round a soccer pitch this morning, but plenty of hip swinging and head tossing action of the dancing, singing variety…

Daddy getting into 'You're my first, my last, my everything.'

… and some crazy action in the hallway, which I tried to pretend was a figment of my imagination – whilst attempting to stay seated and enjoy my breakfast. Hunger Games is a gripping read – but the screams from my children, sliding down the stairs on a mattress (I kid you not), regretfully stole my attention in the end.

Trying to enjoy an 'adult' breakfast time

It was then that I attempted to steer the play to a quieter activity (but this never lasts long with my wild cats… so I laughed when an old friend mentioned this afternoon, ‘I’ve heard girls are easier when they’re younger, but tougher when they’re older.’).

Quieter game play

When the change of play action failed to quell our spirited children we tried a change of scene. We headed out to get a float for our garage sale tomorrow (we’d forgotten to do this… and the local banks were all closed – so a little tactical spending of notes on dollar and under items was required). Alice fell asleep in the car – leaving Dan, Charlotte and Sophie to do the rounds and then we headed back home.

Our lovely new neighbours and friends were in – so the children all had a play before we headed out the door to meet up with ‘ole friends from way back when we first arrived in New Zealand… back in 1997.

We had to collect one friend at the railway station in Welly – enroute to ‘Strike‘ in Lower Hutt (my girls were grateful the train was running late – so they could enjoy running up and down the platforms having an impromptu workout and train spotting session).

working out at the train station

We’ve never been to ‘Strike’ before (a ten-pin bowling and ‘laser strike’ place) and were hit by loud music and loud people as we walked in the door. First thought, ‘I’m getting too old for this’, second thought, ‘I need a beer’. My delicate senses (used to the barrage of little children screaming, sliding down my stairs on a mattress and running around till I’m too dizzy to watch) were overwhelmed with the noise and artificial light. It took me half an hour (and the first sip of a beer) to relax into the game (I might not have scored a strike – toddler in arms made it extra challenging, but I did score extra brownie points for coming equipped with a colouring book, pens and stickers for the little ones).

It was so good to see my old work colleagues and good friends though. All the children had a great time too – and lemonade and chocolate treats!

Right now Dan and I are thankful to Disney Channel on a Saturday evening 😉 8pm and the children are happily entertained, whilst Alice is siting on my lap almost nodding off as I type.


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