Alice takes a ride on the Wellington Cable Car

One of the ‘must do’ tourist activities in Wellington is to ride up the Cable Car from the ‘golden mile of retail’, Lambton Quay, to the sweeping panoramic view of the harbour city from the top, in the Botanical Garden.

I’ve ridden this cable car with my children numerous times, but around the age of two to three is the most exciting for them – and makes it very entertaining for fellow passengers too.

Charlotte and Alice waiting to ride up the cable car

I have very fond memories of Charlotte and Sophie’s excitement (video of Sophie’s ride here) of riding the cable car when they were toddlers. This Sunday morning it was Alice’s turn. Charlotte came along for the ride too. Alice was very cute…

At the top we wondered around the gardens a little, with Charlotte taking such care of her little sister.


They smelt the flowers…


Ran around…


And then took the cable car back down…


Where Charlotte came off top with some new P-jays, whilst Alice took a liking to a large, cuddly dog that was in the store (not for purchase – but Alice made sure it was given some loving!)…


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