Snapshots from a sunny Saturday ‘avo at Lyall Bay Beach

Sunshine on the beach on a winter Saturday afternoon.

A fine time for families to revive, refresh and reconnect.

Lyall Bay, Wellington, you have our hearts x

Lyall Bay towards Wellington airport

Ice-cream for the little ones, coffee for the bigger people. Friends from Napier, sharing our little patch of beloved New Zealand.

Lyall Bay with friends, Wellington

Toys made by nature for big and small.

Small sticks for drawing and playing imaginary drums.

Big sticks for making dens and trying to reroot, like trees in the ground.

Sticks for playing like puppy dogs, running and fetching, chasing and racing.

Shells for caressing and treasuring. Pebbles to count and make a splash.

Sand for sifting through fingers and toes.

Smiles that are straight from warm hearts, when the sun gives us a gift of its warm rays on a winter’s day.

sticks, sand, coffee & ice-cream

This was our Saturday ‘avo at Lyall Bay beach, Wellington…

Beautiful skyscapes as the sun sets over Lyall Bay