Things I’m Loving

The days are getting longer and warmer. The time for playing outdoors is returning. Down-time after school and work is easier in the evening sunshine (except I have to remember  a larger, random collection of items in the boot of the car for various impromptu play opportunities on the beach, in the sea or at the park).

Sophie at Oriental Bay beach on Friday

Loving that days are filled with more opportunities for adventures, from the bush to the beach. Natural learning at Zealandia on a Friday morning and an afternoon of running on the beach at Oriental Bay.

Friday morning at Zealandia

Loving dress-ups days at school, that captivate all the family on a Thursday night.

International week at Charlotte's school

Loving sisters getting on together with baking, playing, reading and learning – even sharing a ‘Maths Quest’ adventure book before bed (it’s not always like this – but we have to celebrate when it is)!

Learning, baking, reading, playing

Loving our natural learning friends for popping round on Wednesday ‘avo for a visit and making our day.

Loving wonderful neighbours and sharing a Sunday morning tea.

Loving catching up with an old friend, recently returned to live in New Zealand.

Loving a Saturday afternoon of family time (it was worth pushing past the grumbles and getting out the door, finally united, for some laughter and late lunch). And the food was worth the wait (and funny faces).

Late lunch at Southern Cross, Wellington on Saturday

Full tummies and well hydrated bodies made for much happier little people for the rest of the day. We enjoyed a walk down Cuba Street and a visit to the Met Shop for a little pocket money spending and Moa hugging 🙂

Met Shop, Wellington

Loving a little siesta on the couch with my youngest.

Siesta with Alice

Loving the energy of my climbing crazy trio of daughters!

Climbing trio of energetic sisters!

And evenings on the beach when one daughter, in particular, runs fully clothed to jump the waves!

Recently Updated990

Loving the man that is working so hard to make a wonderful, secure life for his family. Loving greeting him with a smile when he gets home. Loving the way he cares for his children and wife, with such positive energy when he has so much to juggle on his plate.

Loving extra time to adjust to the future and relocating to San Francisco mid-way through 2013. I still can’t get my head around leaving New Zealand, even though I know we’ll have some amazing adventures and experiences. Our day to day life here is so perfect. It’s hard to leave a place when you feel so content. I just hold fast to the fact we’ve been so fortunate to live the life we have and be thankful for the opportunities the future will give us too. Having choices and flexibility is something so many millions of people in this world can only dream of. We are very blessed indeed.

Finally, I am loving the energy of a mother in my neighbourhood. She has three children and her youngest, Elijah, was born with Prune Belly Syndrome, duplication of Chromosome 8 and Y, and suffered ischemic insult injury (brain damage) some time in the neonatal period. She writes about his journey living with multiple rare diagnoses here and is holding garage sale fund-raiser this coming weekend in Wellington. Her two other children are incredible and totally amazing in the way they support their mother and younger brother.



Joining in with other folk who have taken a moment to be thankful for the little moments in their week that make them truly grateful…