The day my bank card got deposited down the skirting board…

I only have one bank card and live off it. Plastic is my friend. I rarely carry cash. So when my two year old, on Saturday afternoon, came up to me and said, ‘Sorry! Card gone!’ my first reaction was to check my purse – that I was vaguely aware of her playing with as I chatted to a friend. Sure enough, she had gone for gold and found it. She could have deposited my library card or drivers license, but no – though they would have been annoying to have lost – it was the one card I depend on for my bread, coffee and wine – my one and only bank card.

When my two year old then demonstrated how she’d deposited the card (reaching for a piece of paper) I realised there was little hope of its return. I did check under the stairs and behind the router – thinking maybe I’d be lucky and the card would have slipped through… but no – it was permanently deposited in a term account. I guess she’s watched me put my card into a slot in the wall, and seen it returned enough times (with cash), that she was simply testing the theory on any random slot!


On the up side the cupboard was stacked, I had plenty of milk, coffee beans and wine… and hubbie was expected home on Monday morning 7am sharp from a week away in the USA.

In addition, my old neighbour was round at the time – and as soon as she heard my two oldest daughters had buskers licenses – which they hadn’t yet used – she got us round up and out the door with barely enough time to grab a hat to collect our coppers in!

My 6 year old daughter, with a flower head-dress then stood in our local town and literally sang for her supper (I had food in the pantry – but she was hoping for a Subway…). Well, in fifteen minutes she earned $20! She celebrated with our old neighbour (affectionately called, ‘Auntie’ and another friend) before meeting myself and my other daughters at home. She bought little gifts for everyone – a bouncy ball for her 2 year old sister, a gem stone for her 9 year old sister, some incense sticks for me and a plant for herself… gorgeous!

So, we survived without my plastic for a day and a bit. Sunday morning was spent with a wonderful old friend (from my early years in New Zealand) at The Chocolate Frog Cafe (the children managed to find sufficient coinage to buy themselves brunch and their poor ‘ole ma a cup of tea!).

The afternoon was spent with a house full of children (and I did manage to put the vacuum around before hubbie’s return – but what do you know… the carpet is on its way to needing another whizz round before morning!).

We can’t wait for our man of the house to get home (not because he has working plastic in his wallet either!). It will be so wonderful to give our man of the house giant hugs (he’s going to be a little overwhelmed with all the attention from his wife and three daughters!).

For us, it will be the very best Monday morning in a long time x