The man of the house is back

I’m sure it’s the same in other homes where there’s only one male – the behaviour of the females in the house changes when he’s home. In our house the energy levels are ramped up. There’s a lot more physical play, loud voices, movement (chaos) and laughter. There’s a little elbow pushing and jostling for prime position. There’s definitely competition for his attention and he loves it – though it completely exasperates him too!

One daughter loves to be cuddled and is extremely needy of his attention and love. She can be hard to please and sulky at times, if she doesn’t get her own way. Her Daddy is her rock and she was heartbroken without him here last week. She is the cheekiest to him – and steps over the line at times – always testing.


One daughter loves to be chased and tickled. She’s still content with having her Mummy close by, but saves her best smiles, doe eyes and giggles for her Daddy.


And one daughter doesn’t like hugs at all, but enjoys the man of the house’s company one on one (when she can) to share a joke with (and he makes her laugh so hard her whole body shakes!). He has to catch her for a hug – and then she wriggles like crazy and laughs hysterically like her insides are bursting (I think Daddy got a knee in the face in the instance below)!


Finally, there is me – the wife and mother (who sometimes feels last in line – watching with a smile at my wonderful husband being such a great father… but hoping he saves a little energy for me – when we can get a moment alone!).


We were all SO excited yesterday morning, waiting to hear the taxi on the driveway dropping our man home from his eight night’s away. The children camped by the door and kept tricking each other that ‘Daddy’s home!’. He did an amazing job of lasting the day, jet lag and all – but when his head hit the pillow at 9.30pm (he did well lasting that long!) he was asleep within moments.

Welcome home our wonderful man! It’s so great to have you back!