I’ve discovered what fuels those surfers at Lyall Bay…

After months of hearing about Ekim Burgers, via my friend ‘Latte Junkie‘ (who frequently makes the half hour plus drive from Upper Hutt to the orange caravan at Lyall Bay, on Wellington’s south coast), I finally sampled the goods. The moment the home-made tomato-cumin relish, drizzled on a cup of chunky wedges, entered my mouth I knew there was no saving me. The artfully drawn chalk-board menu summoned me to choose something else to taste.  A big hearty burger, filled with fresh ingredients, salad and homemade sauce, was my choice – after drooling over the extensive selection of options (with plenty for vegetarians too).

With such nourishing fuel in my tummy the southerly wind lost a bit of its usual sting. It dawned on me that this is the secret to how surfers face the sometimes frigid conditions on the south coast of Wellington.

Watching the weather change at Lyall Bay

My two year old, stripped down to her birthday suit, running in and out of the cool spring surf on Saturday ‘avo, was all the proof I needed to conclude that the food from Ekim Burgers orange caravan is good stuff. She started off rugged up for Antarctica, but after a few of those hearty chips with homemade relish she was toasty from the core.

Alice, rugged up at Lyall Bay, waiting for a Ekim Burger fuel to heat her up!

There’s no going back now… I’m hooked on Ekim…

Ekim Burger caravan at Lyall Bay, Wellington

But I better work on my paddle board surfing to burn off the extra calories I’ll be putting on, hee, hee!

Check out this capture, by the amazing markg, of a surfer catching the ground swell that kicked up in the bay on Sunday….

markg photo of surfer at Lyall Bay