The air was infused with a heavenly scent…

I took a drive, after dropping Charlotte in late to school yesterday (she’s a diligent, hard working student – but is unfairly afflicted with hay-fever). I ended up at the Lady Norwood Rose Gardens in Wellington. I was pretty sure the roses would be in bloom by now (I’ve been away on holiday and only back in Welly for a couple of weeks… so it’s been a while since I visited the gardens).

As I drove into the rose gardens, hopeful for a parking space (as they are limited from now through till the end of summer), I was rewarded with the sight of a multitude of colours. The dark cloud hovering in the distance I gave a firm ‘sod off’ stare to and found the one remaining parking space (my hopeful vision of ‘believing a space would be there’, came good).

Taken by 6 year old Sophie

I opened the car door and inhaled, deeply (as a mother always does before moving children from a confined space into a public arena). The scent that met my nostrils was one of heavenly goodness (a rare treat – as it’s normally the scent of ‘something going off’ in the car, or under a child’s bed, or in an elusive corner, sometimes under the sofa, or in the fridge even, and the bin, definitely in the laundry basket… say no more).

By Sophie, age 6

The rest of my rose garden experience was everything one would hope for… a nice stroll, children playing hide-and-seek (without me losing them and without any damage to rose beds), a genteel chat with some lovely old ladies about the science of roses and inter-breeding (or whatever they do to them to get amazing duel coloured roses from one plant) and a latte at the cafe without my children spilling anything or cracking any plates.

Different colours on the same plant, by Sophie age 6

A perfect Tuesday morning then!